14 June, 2008

I'd like to get to know you well...

Welcome! This is the future site of the pinswithfury blog. Please be patient and keep your hard hat on.
The goal of this chatterbox is to talk about things I'm doing, as well as voraciously tout the work of the many talented people I know.
About me: I make stuff. I've been sewing since I was young, from replacing the ear on my little brother's Ernie doll to making a denim wallet with pink bias-tape trim in 7th grade that was sadder than anything one could have seen. It was probably that point where it became clear that store-bought patterns and I do not get along. Most of my work is freeform or loosely influenced. Butterick, Vogue and Amy Butler get no business from this girl. Often what I make is determined by the fabric itself, and as a result, no two items are alike. Most of my work are handbags, totes, purses, etc., but my first love is the hat. I've been wearing them since I can remember, and making them for nearly half my life. After years of making things and giving them away, I finally started as a business about five years ago.
I love meshing different styles and textures together, making items that are tactile and colorful. I can say in all honesty that I am color-obsessed, and my pieces are ideal for those who get also get a giddy thrill by seeing something saturated in color. I work hard to make my pieces as functional as possible; just because it's fun doesn't mean it can't have a purpose.
Back to the shameless plugging; I'm currently a vendor on Etsy, and much of my current work can be seen here:
A sampling of my older work can be seen on my MN Artists page:
So there we have it! The first one is always the toughest, but this wasn't bad at all. Thanks for stopping by!