01 October, 2008

friends pimping, part 2: there will be blood.

One of the reasons I have enjoyed working with Theatre Pro Rata is there is no fear of a dark side. The plays often delve deep into the shadows and expose things living with in to the harsh light. As a props designer, I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to make some crazy and twisted stuff. Seriously twisted, but in the best possible way.

This Saturday, (October 4), Theatre Pro Rata, helmed by the fabulous Carin Bratlie, premieres their new season with the play "Killer Joe." Written by Tracy Letts, KJ is about a hit gone awry and the residual horrifuc fallout. This play features some of the best of local theatre (great folk, one and all), and breaks in the new Gremlin Theatre space at University and Raymond in St Paul. Saturday's performance will have festivities before and after. For more information, click below:

Black and White Bash

Killer Joe

Come for the play, stay for the Cheetos!

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