18 November, 2008

friends pimping, part 3: listen to the shadows

For three performances only, Park Square Theatre is remounting their production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Remounts of well-received works happen often around here. But this is special. The reason I think you should go to this production is for the sound. Katharine Horowitz is a most talented designer. I have had the pleasure of working with Katharine on several shows as her humble board operator. I don't mind saying the first time nearly kicked my ass. I have never worked with anyone who deals with layers as much as she does. It makes for exhilirating results.

When Midsummer was first put on in 2006, one review (and I can't access the original review to get it right) likened her design to being its own character in the piece. If someone can paint with sound, it's definitely Katharine. She does a lot of work around town, and is definitely someone to keep an eye (er, ear) out for when attending theatre productions.

Go see Midsummer while you can!

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