30 November, 2008

improve your personal environment in two easy steps!

Today I accomplished two things of note. First, I finally signed up for the digital TV vouchers. Living a sad, cable-free existence, I look forward to bidding farewell to grainy and ghosty programming. It was super easy to register.

You can too!

The other feat was signing the Buy Handmade pledge. Also easy as pie. Here's the deal. Pledging to buy handmade does not necessarily mean giving up the big boxes or online superstores. Just like becoming a vegetarian does not necessarily mean going vegan. One does what works best for them. But choosing to purchase even one item not mass-produced fosters the idea that creativity will win out over repetition. It's why I love selling on Etsy. Making handmade gifts is also always a good thing. But if you can't make it yourself, support an artist who can.

How does one make such a pledge, you ask? Right here!
I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

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