03 January, 2009

it's a new banner new year!

In anticipation of my soon to be revamped webpage, I have started up the 2009 sprucing up with a few small changes. The first to change is my banner. I used the program Photoimpression 4 on it initially. It was a cheap version of PhotoShop that came with my computer, but I loved it. We got each other. Then my hard drive died and when the computer was fixed, my beloved PhotoImpression was unable to be saved from the wreckage. I tried working with Picture Manager, and though we get along well, it isn't the same. My business cards have not printed evenly since. I do have PhotoShop and Gimp now, but they're too detailed. I missed my simple but well stocked PI.

Last month a new camera came into our home with (gasp!) a CD of PhotoImpression 6. I was so excited and loaded it right away. Sadly it's not the PI I knew and loved. It's like your down-to-earth creative best friend going abroad and coming back like a less creative occasional ass. You know, it's still your friend, and you'll hang out and stuff, but they aren't nearly as much fun and that connection isn't there anymore. In addition, I can't use the new version to print my cards, because it won't print the right size anymore. Obviously I am still adjusting. But I digress.

PI6 did help me take the same background picture I used with the initial banner (and the one above) and make it work in a whole new way. It's softer, brighter, and superduper colorful. All good things in my book. But I'll let you decide- what do you think? I'd love to know.



I also listed six new bags this week. You can find those on my Etsy page. The new webpage will be up and running soon- the most all around creative person I know is working his magic to make it as fun as can be.

Happy 2009!

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