24 February, 2009

magilla guerrilla marketing

WCCO aired a feature story tonight on the business of crafts as part of their series on dealing with the current economy. Among those interviewed were several members of the Minnesota Etsy Street Team. You can (and should) check it out here:

Craft, Minnesota Style

On a related note, in December a gentleman at MPR blogged about his thoughts on Etsy and his concern it drew business away from local merchants. Several of us quickly let him know that many many many Etsy sellers are local merchants. Don't worry, we were for the most part Minnesota Nice about it...

When Etsy Sellers Attack!

I've been trying myself to finish reading Seth Godin's books for ages now on this very subject. Free Prize Inside was quite interesting. Marketing is a huge part of business, but it doesn't need to be a costly one. It does, however, require dedication, such as um, keeping up on blogs and stuff. Yeah, I'm looking in the mirror right now.