14 March, 2009

tweeting the crafty way

I came to the conclusion that too much color on my twitter page was keeping me away from it. I didn't want to go colorless, just less busy. So I just revamped it, with a new background and colors. Less branding, more pretty. Spent an hour reading about how to use twitter to one's business advantage, ways to use webtools to follow everyone at once, etc. The whole idea of social networking incites one to create a whole new persona, or lop off a part of yourself and only display that side. I hope there are some grad students out there somewhere doing theses (thesises? sneetches?) on how one displays themselves online can affect how they behave in real life. I'd think all this encouragement to refer to ones self in the third person has got to create a complex of some kind.

What I try to do on twitter, as with this, is focus on my business endeavors, either directly or indirectly. One challenge is upkeep. Keeping up with statuses, blogs, and most importantly, keeping up with my sewing so I have something in my shop. At long last, I have at least three new items to list. More if I keep working at it this weekend.

Spring has nearly sprung around here. Time to shake off the mental mothballs and get back to colorizing via accessory!

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