27 April, 2009

bigger. stronger. faster. webbier.

Not unlike a department store's overnight transformation from Halloween to Christmas, the website formerly (and well, currently) known as pinswithfury.com was magically reborn at tea time today.

Lookity Look Look!

This change has been in the making for a while, and the webpage, like much in my life, suffered from extreme overthought. Fortunately, my dearest friend Matthew, the id to my ego, knew what to do. Scale back.

Have you read Matthew's blog yet? You totally should.

I'm really thrilled with the results. While there may be a bit of tinkering to do in the links themselves, it really does represent the image I want to convey. Color obsession isn't just a job for me; it's a way of life. Tell me what you think of the site- I'd love to hear!

24 April, 2009

the season of productivity

I'm getting this down on cyber paper for all to see and hold me accountable.

May 1-31, I will make one bag a day. Thirty-one bags before June. Yep.

I don't have to create a bag daily, I just need to finish one. It's a good chance to complete existing projects as well as take on new ones. I'd like to add to the challenge that I can only use existing fabric and can't buy any more, but let's be honest; that's not going to happen. I can tell myself I'm going in just for thread, but I can't promise that restraint. I'll try, though, to primarily use materials from my current arsenal. That I will pledge.

My plan, is when the final stitch is complete on each item, to photograph it and post that image online. Why May? Why not? Plus it's my birthday month, and getting that much closer to 40 makes me want to feel a bit more accomplished. I can try, anyway. By making something new each day I will not only prep for my next show on June 6, but I'll clear out some of the fabric taking over my home and hopefully find several new homes for finished products. So there you go.

Giving the world a week's notice: Prepare for extreme baggage. Wait, that didn't come out quite right...

17 April, 2009


Dear Alexander Henry-

I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to tell you this for a while, but now I think I can.

I love you.

For years, I’ve had the feeling that you and I were soulmates. I’d walk into a fabric store, feel magnetically drawn to one colorful print or another, and when I read your name on the bolt, I’m never surprised. It’s like you know me, know my giddiness over a fabulous design, and then try to make more to keep that excitement fresh. Let me tell you, it’s worked. Oh my how it’s worked. The money I’ve spent over the years on fabric I didn’t have a project for but HAD TO OWN, the desire to hold on tight to a new piece, not wishing to let it go, simply because of how my heart pitter patters at the sight. It has gotten to a point where you not only make things that make me happy, but you anticipate my happiness. While it’s only been over the last decade I’ve been conscious of your existence, I have no doubt many of my 90s era textile adrenaline rushes were your doing as well, I didn’t know you then, but I think you were there, hiding in plain sight.

How long have we been meant to be? To quote a favorite movie, "since always." My absolutely favorite Christmas gift I was given this year was a set of vintage curtains that I had seen at a local antique store. Pucci-esque in pattern with bright vivid colors, it was love at first sight. It wasn’t until they were mine at last that I saw the unexpected yet destined name printed on the selvage. Alexander Henry. It was you, in vintage form, all along.

Will my declaration mean the magic goes away? I think not. When one meets their soulmate, it’s for keeps. You don't have to say anything; I just wanted you to know.

With love, affection, and a lifetime of fabric purchases ahead,


10 April, 2009

friends pimping, part 4: state your name and state it loud!

The Minnesota Street Team on Etsy is going through a bit of rebirth. We are now HandmadeMN! The team blog has been updated, with more focus and posts. Follow us on Twitter as well for new team member listings and updates!




I have to say in complete unfettered honesty, we are truly a rocking group. HandmadeMN members cover all areas: glass, jewelry, clothing, accessories, household goods, plush creatures, photography, soaps, vintage and supplies, just to name a few. The diversity of skills and interests is definitely our strength. In the coming weeks you'll see our members at Craftstravaganza, the St Paul Art Crawl, and the Minneapolis Downtown Farmers Market. Come check out our multi-talented team on Etsy, online, and in person!

07 April, 2009

hit me! heart me! hit me again!

After two months now of using Google Analytics, and just general watching of the virtual trickle of traffic into my shop, I'm realizing my self-promotion skills are sorely lacking. Why is it some people have 300 hits in a day on one item when I have 40 in three months? I'm not whining; I'm genuinely trying to figure this out.

Here is an example. I listed an item today about four hours ago. I did a search for two words in the title: butterfly, tote. The two matching items before mine (also listed today) had 120+ hits, same with the two after. Me? FOUR. Count on one hand and you'll still have the pinky left over.

Now, I am very comfortable with the quality of my product. I am not so, however, with the quality of my marketing. This is an area I have long felt needed to change, and I think there is no time like the present to do exactly that. I am hoping in the near future to make a clean sweep and re-photo everything in my shop. And of course, listing more and more often couldn't hurt.

As one who is painfully shy in many social situations, the idea of standing under a spotlight is a bit quease-inducing. But I do believe what I make is good. And obviously I need to work harder at letting people know about it. Starting today. Starting NOW.

Hi. My name is Jodi. I make awesome accessories, as seen HERE.