07 April, 2009

hit me! heart me! hit me again!

After two months now of using Google Analytics, and just general watching of the virtual trickle of traffic into my shop, I'm realizing my self-promotion skills are sorely lacking. Why is it some people have 300 hits in a day on one item when I have 40 in three months? I'm not whining; I'm genuinely trying to figure this out.

Here is an example. I listed an item today about four hours ago. I did a search for two words in the title: butterfly, tote. The two matching items before mine (also listed today) had 120+ hits, same with the two after. Me? FOUR. Count on one hand and you'll still have the pinky left over.

Now, I am very comfortable with the quality of my product. I am not so, however, with the quality of my marketing. This is an area I have long felt needed to change, and I think there is no time like the present to do exactly that. I am hoping in the near future to make a clean sweep and re-photo everything in my shop. And of course, listing more and more often couldn't hurt.

As one who is painfully shy in many social situations, the idea of standing under a spotlight is a bit quease-inducing. But I do believe what I make is good. And obviously I need to work harder at letting people know about it. Starting today. Starting NOW.

Hi. My name is Jodi. I make awesome accessories, as seen HERE.


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♥ Lindsay ♥ said...

I think your new bags are beautiful, especially this one! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_2&listing_id=23370388 The felt flowers on the gray and white houndstooth is brilliant!