04 May, 2009

comment dit-on "eye candy" en français?

As visually stimulating (and all around awesome) films go, Amelie can't be topped. I've been in love with Amelie since Day 1. It's rich and vivid and I can't get enough of it. People always note Audrey Tautou in the film, but there's another soul who deserves kudos (and while Mathieu Kassovitz is dreamy as all getout, that's not who I mean). The magic of Amelie is the collaboration between Tautou and the director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. His eye is not one to be trifled with. While I've never seen City of Lost Children (I should make sure that's in the queue), I have seen A Very Long Engagement, which was shot not long after Amelie. I don't bandy this word about lightly, but the best way I can describe Engagement is as exquisite. It's beautiful and tragic and makes sepia tones lovely. As it's weightier and less whimsical than Amelie, it isn't the type of film one might want to watch over and over. I'd love a second viewing, though, and if you've never seen it, I'd recommend it highly.

Their next joint effort is not on the big screen, but the very small and portable one. It's a commercial of sorts. Audrey Tautou is the new face of Chanel No 5, and Jeunet has made a short film for the perfume. His paintbrush is in top form for the ad, with rich colors, sets and props, all surrounding his muse. She is playing Coco Chanel in an upcoming film, which I am quite excited to see. As girl-crushes go, Audrey Tautou is a pretty darn good one, but when painted by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, she is especially lovely, as is the world surrounding her. Here is the link to the film, with special thanks to @elle_com for posting about it on Twitter. Enjoy!

Chanel a la Jeunet

*Edit 5-5-09. I wrote this yesterday, not realizing Chanel was going to saturate the interwebs with the campaign. So maybe it's not so undiscovered after all. Whatever; it's still really neat.

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