26 May, 2009

intentional and reckless abuse of denim

We were at the MOA on Friday, when we were unexpectedly confronted with a fashion choice neither of us had seen before. While the saggy baggy pants look is all too familiar on youth in the mall (it's that generation's equivalent of a single-strap overalls ensemble which, yes, still can be seen around these parts in the summer time), as is the skinny jeans craze, this was the first time that the hybrid of the two had been feasted upon our eyes.

Let me tell you what it looked like; one day, a seventeen year old guy puts on his twelve year old brother's jeans by mistake. He can get into them, but not over his hips. But changing takes effort when there's a social calendar to fulfill. So there he goes to the mall, waddling from store to store while in pre-teen trousers. Eh, kids.

Apparently we're getting this late. Portland was dealing with this issue long before us.

A Fashion PSA

On a related note, here is an actual news story. Skinny Jeans are EVIL!!! Okay, not really. But still, this is interesting.

Feel the Pinch

In case you are wondering I'm just bitter because I can't fit into that style, well, no. I mean, I probably can't, but I like breathing too much to try. :)

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