28 June, 2009

friends pimping, part 6: gym equipment for real men

Independently, Matthew Glover and Sam L Landman are actors, writers and performers in their own right. But when combining their talents, they are known as Pommelhorse. This is why you should get to know them.

In 2007, Sam and Matthew performed on stage their first playwriting effort, called Feelgood Hits of the 70s. Set in the downtown apartment of Fab and Gunner, the men talk about past loves, pop culture and random topics with equal weight and importance. It's at any time hilarious, sweet, intelligent, crude and heartbreaking, with a scripted soundtrack that includes The Doobie Brothers, Elton John and the Jackson 5. The show was well received by those who saw it, and was a particular favorite with women, who (at least this one) found it an interesting insight into the male brain. Quinton Skinner, City Pages theatre reviewer, posted a rave review, saying, "It's a pretty wide net these fellows cast, and they caught me: I laughed as much at this show as I have all year." Skinner also gave them mention in the 2007 Artists of the Year edition of the weekly, calling FGH one "of the funniest comedies in recent memory."

Two years later and Sam and Matthew are still working hard. After several video projects, new characters, and the desire to revisit Fab and Gunner, the lads are now bringing Pommelhorse to a new level. Last week they held a business launch fundraiser to help jump start their beginnings as a multimedia production company. Matthew and Sam have a prequel to Feelgood Hits underway, called I Hate Don Shelby, that they plan to self-produce, and they plan to use their talents to produce other people's work as well. They can do it- they're that good.

Here is their latest collaboration- an Warholian/Lynchian piece, also starring the lovely and talented Amber Bjork. Take a gander, and then, if you want to know more about the guys, check out Pommelhorse on Facebook. Become a fan. They even have some sweet swag. And now, without further delay, Sandwich.

Still want more Pommelhorse but don't have access to Facebook? Drop them an email.

24 June, 2009

friends pimping, part 5: losing one more chain linking old, new and local

So I'm just going to say it straight- Please find your way this weekend to REfind Vintage in St Paul. Sadly, after Sunday it will be no more.

Mellissa opened REfind last fall in a cute storefront on St Paul's East Side. It features a mix of vintage, recycled and repurposed pieces from housewares to jewelry to clothing. There was also always baked goods, made by the woman herself. It's my opinion that it wasn't given a proper chance by the shopping public. It's off the beaten path, unfortunately a little too far off for its target audience. Despite all her best efforts, she has decided to close things down for good after this weekend.

So here is the information, cribbed from REfind's Facebook page:

LAST CHANCE TO VISIT REFIND VINTAGE!!!!!!! Don’t miss out on our last hurrah! Due to many unforseen circumstances, REfind Vintage will be closing after our BIG JUNE SALE!! We have gone all out, gathering beautiful wicker furniture, potting plants, crafting glass garden totems and so much more- not to mention the lovely items our FAB ARTISTS have been bringing in! Open June 25-28, Th& Fri 12-7, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4.

I've been very happy to be one of Mellissa's sellers, and I look forward to her next venture. But in the meantime, and before it's too late, please check out her present one. Local artists, vintage pieces, repurposed goods. And I'll bet there'll be tasty desserts, too.

MAP to REfind!

A few of my items for sale in the shop:

12 June, 2009

I sound my barbaric YART, and other bits of news.

(apologies to Uncle Walt)

You might have seen mentions the past couple days about the YART SALE on Etsy. Admittedly I was a latecomer to it as well, but it's fantastic. The Yart Sale is sponsored by the Etsy Supplies Street Team (Team ESST), who are a collective of sellers on the site whose primary purpose is to sell stuff that others use to make their stuff. It's an amazingly wide variety of items, from tools to paper to tiny flowers to bead findings. YART = Yard + Art. People across the Etsy site are offering all sorts of sales and specials. If you search for the word YART, you will come across nearly 40,000 listings in the Handmade category alone! To narrow your search, enter the word along with whatever you are looking to buy (i.e. Yart Bag, Yart Soap, etc).

My own special is this: My bags with handsewn appliques have free shipping through Sunday's sale. I have placed them all in one category, so they're easy to find:


Now, if that weren't enough, this weekend also marks my official Etsyversary! While I signed up on the site in January 06, it was a while before I actually listed. June 13th marks the three-year anniversary of my first sale on Etsy, which I think is worth celebrating! From today through Sunday, I will take 25% off the purchase price of any one item (including the Yart Sale pieces). All you need to do is write "Happy Happy" in the note to seller at checkout time, and I'll send you an adjusted invoice reflecting the discount. If you forget the code, think Ren and Stimpy. :)

Happy Happy Joy Joy


Finally, tomorrow Facebook will let people use their own names as part of their profile addresses. Fan pages, however, need 1000 followers to get such a thing. As of right now, I have 83. Soooooooo, if 917 folks were kind enough to become fans of pinswithfury, gee, I'd be awfully appreciative.

Become a Fan!


So to conclude- YART, Happy Happy, and Facebook! Three ways to start the weekend off right!

May your days and televisions be sunny, not snowy.

03 June, 2009

early influences in design- pop pop pop.

My sophomore year of high school brought to the airwaves a new series, full of inspiration but all too brief. Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes aired on MTV for five or six episodes in 1987, at least one posthumously, as Warhol passed away in February of that year. Full of short-attention-span vignettes, the show offered peeks into the New York City art scene that I so very much craved to be a part of. Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, Tama Janowitz, etc. All the cool hip kids were represented, and of course the man himself. It was bright and colorful and endless amounts of exhilarating fun. Performance artists, dancers, musicians. A car painted throughout the inside and filled with toys! For years I wanted to do that with one of my cars. People wore Doc Martens and mini dresses, and talked about ART. It was awesome.

One favorite moment was from a young up and coming designer named Marc Jacobs. He was adorable with long flowing hair and showed off pieces that were whimsical and genius. I've had a crush on him ever since; that cute boy perched atop a ladder.

Fashion Show

This show was best part of a time where I was as socially awkward as they come and quite a misfit wandering the halls of my high school. When Andy Warhol died I wanted to wear black but didn't really have any (not allowed). So I went to the home-ec classroom (why did I never take a class in there?) and borrowed enough black fabric to make an armband. For that day I wore that and toted around a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup, with "Andy Warhol 1928-1987" written on top. At the time I was internally despondent. By learning more about the world that I saw on MTV, I thought I finally found the world I was destined to join. I had the notion that Warhol was the glue that held that world together, and with him gone I figured the world would go away. It didn't of course, and even the show went on without him. So though it only lasted a few months, it was enough to have an impact on a young girl who needed to belong to something.