28 June, 2009

friends pimping, part 6: gym equipment for real men

Independently, Matthew Glover and Sam L Landman are actors, writers and performers in their own right. But when combining their talents, they are known as Pommelhorse. This is why you should get to know them.

In 2007, Sam and Matthew performed on stage their first playwriting effort, called Feelgood Hits of the 70s. Set in the downtown apartment of Fab and Gunner, the men talk about past loves, pop culture and random topics with equal weight and importance. It's at any time hilarious, sweet, intelligent, crude and heartbreaking, with a scripted soundtrack that includes The Doobie Brothers, Elton John and the Jackson 5. The show was well received by those who saw it, and was a particular favorite with women, who (at least this one) found it an interesting insight into the male brain. Quinton Skinner, City Pages theatre reviewer, posted a rave review, saying, "It's a pretty wide net these fellows cast, and they caught me: I laughed as much at this show as I have all year." Skinner also gave them mention in the 2007 Artists of the Year edition of the weekly, calling FGH one "of the funniest comedies in recent memory."

Two years later and Sam and Matthew are still working hard. After several video projects, new characters, and the desire to revisit Fab and Gunner, the lads are now bringing Pommelhorse to a new level. Last week they held a business launch fundraiser to help jump start their beginnings as a multimedia production company. Matthew and Sam have a prequel to Feelgood Hits underway, called I Hate Don Shelby, that they plan to self-produce, and they plan to use their talents to produce other people's work as well. They can do it- they're that good.

Here is their latest collaboration- an Warholian/Lynchian piece, also starring the lovely and talented Amber Bjork. Take a gander, and then, if you want to know more about the guys, check out Pommelhorse on Facebook. Become a fan. They even have some sweet swag. And now, without further delay, Sandwich.

Still want more Pommelhorse but don't have access to Facebook? Drop them an email.

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