12 June, 2009

I sound my barbaric YART, and other bits of news.

(apologies to Uncle Walt)

You might have seen mentions the past couple days about the YART SALE on Etsy. Admittedly I was a latecomer to it as well, but it's fantastic. The Yart Sale is sponsored by the Etsy Supplies Street Team (Team ESST), who are a collective of sellers on the site whose primary purpose is to sell stuff that others use to make their stuff. It's an amazingly wide variety of items, from tools to paper to tiny flowers to bead findings. YART = Yard + Art. People across the Etsy site are offering all sorts of sales and specials. If you search for the word YART, you will come across nearly 40,000 listings in the Handmade category alone! To narrow your search, enter the word along with whatever you are looking to buy (i.e. Yart Bag, Yart Soap, etc).

My own special is this: My bags with handsewn appliques have free shipping through Sunday's sale. I have placed them all in one category, so they're easy to find:


Now, if that weren't enough, this weekend also marks my official Etsyversary! While I signed up on the site in January 06, it was a while before I actually listed. June 13th marks the three-year anniversary of my first sale on Etsy, which I think is worth celebrating! From today through Sunday, I will take 25% off the purchase price of any one item (including the Yart Sale pieces). All you need to do is write "Happy Happy" in the note to seller at checkout time, and I'll send you an adjusted invoice reflecting the discount. If you forget the code, think Ren and Stimpy. :)

Happy Happy Joy Joy


Finally, tomorrow Facebook will let people use their own names as part of their profile addresses. Fan pages, however, need 1000 followers to get such a thing. As of right now, I have 83. Soooooooo, if 917 folks were kind enough to become fans of pinswithfury, gee, I'd be awfully appreciative.

Become a Fan!


So to conclude- YART, Happy Happy, and Facebook! Three ways to start the weekend off right!

May your days and televisions be sunny, not snowy.

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