18 July, 2009

about-town happenings and the battle against apathy

I have a slight (more than slight) urge to start this post much like I did in entries in so many abandoned journals of my youth: I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. The guilt, man. It's intense.

July has brought much crazy and little working. That needs to change toot suh-weet. I've been surrounded by cut out bags for weeks, bags that just need me to get things ironed and sewn. Yet last night I made a bag for myself in under an hour because I needed it (my everyday bag gave its last hurrah yesterday). I just need to get that motivation on a regular basis.

The next few weeks are plenty busy in the Mpls-St Paul neck of the woods. Firstly is this weekend- the Uptown Market holds its second event of the summer. Located on the Midtown Greenway in South Minneapolis, this is an up and coming market featuring original works, vintage, produce and more. All from LOCAL vendors. What's really cool about this is they are pushing the idea of small independent business growth. They state flat out that if you are part of a franchise or multi-level marketing company, they don't want you there. Personally I like the idea of being able to sell my bags without being in competition with a Coach knockoff kiosk two tents over. It's frustrating to see handmade pieces being pushed aside for sweatshop crap. So hooray to the Uptown Market for taking the definite high road!

The Uptown Market runs this Sunday, July 19th at 11-5. There will be two more this year: August 16th and September 20th. I will be one of next month's sellers, but this weekend has forty fantabulous vendors, including my friend and fellow HandmadeMN team member Julie Meyer. She is the oilcloth goddess to be sure. Don't miss out- make it part of your Sunday plans!


Also coming up in two weeks is the Minnesota Fringe Festival. So many shows, just ten days to see them. Make your own schedule on the website, but if you want to know the ones on mine so far- click below to learn more.

June of Arc

Bard Fiction


Buyer's Remorse

Horace Greeley the Lesser: On the Isle of Misfit Toys


Blue Ribbon Burlesque


One last thing to check out for area happenings is Joe's Blog. Joe Spencer is the Arts & Culture guy on St Paul Mayor Chris Coleman's staff. He gushes weekly about all the events our city has to offer, and there are plenty. Definitely a reliable source and a great guy.


Okay- back to fighting the apathy dragon while the gumption is there. Happy Weekend!