02 September, 2009

let me ask YOU a question

Do you have a go-to bag? What makes it so?

This is partially market research, but also for my own curiosity. While I made the purse I use everyday, I did not make the bag I consider to be my go-to tote. So while I examine what makes that one "Ol' Reliable" for me, I would like to know why your bag appeals to you. Is it the size? The material? The versatility? I'd love to learn what kind of bag you have, and why you believe it's the one. Obviously, I would like to be the maker of one's kismet carry-all. It's important that what I make is as functional as can be. But as each of us are different, getting more insight on what makes a connection would be most helpful. Leave a comment below, and I'll love you forever.


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