13 December, 2009

seasonal effects

I cannot deny that Winter brings a chill into my heart and soul. I can't handle the cold, snow or ice. Living in Minnesota between November and March, gloominess abounds for me. As a lifelong resident of this state you'd think I'd be better at this, but no. But still, it's not all awful. There are things I love about this time of year, things that I need in order to feel a part of the holidays or even society. Otherwise I'm just huddled under a blanket waiting for spring to return.

The tree branches after a sticky snowfall.

Making my great-grandma's Ginger Cookie recipe.

Watching "It's A Wonderful Life," "The Ref," "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and at least one Rankin-Bass special (preferably "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" or "The Year Without A Santa Claus").

Watching the lost ending to "It's A Wonderful Life."

Hearing "Do They Know It's Christmas?" at least once. Bonus: Watching the video.

My mom baking blueberry muffins on Christmas morning.

The crazy things my dad puts in the stockings (with Santa's approval, of course).

Listening to Barbara Budd read How the Grinch Stole Christmas on As It Happens (at about 11min 15 sec into the link).

Seeing city decorations on streetlamps.

People in scarves.

Being able to find the perfect gift for someone.

Putting up the tree and decorations.

End of year stories.

Watching the ball drop.


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