25 March, 2010

friends pimping, part 9: get yer rocks off, knock yer socks off

I know these guys. You should want to know them, too.

Nervous Hands is comprised of three guys living the dream. All have secret daytime identities as responsible adults. But get them on stage, and well, they're still responsible adults but with musical instruments. Nervous Hands is their collective superhero identity. The cape is implied.

What kind of music do they play, you ask? I'll let them tell you themselves.

The Band.

Last weekend they debuted their EP, called (deep breath), "I'm Taking My Own Head, Screwing It On Right, And No Guy's Gonna Tell Me It Ain't." This isn't your older cousin's rock n roll band, that's for darn sure.

Along with making their music available to the masses, they also premiered their very first music video, seen below. Mssrs Steve Nelson, Peter Clowney and Sam Landman make up this power trio. Remember Pommelhorse? Well, Sam of the P-Horse is Sam of NH, and his other creative half Matthew Glover envisioned, wrote and directed this video. To add a bit more pimping, the DP on this project was one Antonio Aguirre, whose keen eye for details is always twinkling with enthusiasm. Good eggs, these boys, every one of them.

Nervous Hands - "Previous Owners (Of A Starship)" from Pommelhorse Productions on Vimeo.

Oh, in full disclosure I am listed as a props designer, though sadly I supplied none of the cool Kenner-issued stuff. However, the Jesse Ventura doll is mine. I'm just waiting for it to appreciate in value. Come 2018, that puppy's going on Ebay.