20 June, 2010

shameless pluggery: like me and win free stuff!

Hi all-

I just spent my morning finishing a really long diatribe-ridden blog post, only to have Firefox unceremoniously take it from me in a crash. So instead I'm going to post about me. But have no fear, my creative narcissism can be your gain!

Starting today and going through July 3rd, my shop is part of a giveaway on HandmadeMN! The winner gets the bag pictured above, and the rules are in the blog post.

If you haven't had a chance to check out HandmadeMN, our state Etsy team, please do. This is a group of many talents and specialties, and worth supporting and patronizing.

Later I'll try to restore my original crashed entry, but first I'm waiting for my browser to apologize for the annoyance it caused me today. Cookies would be accepted.