04 December, 2010

give a spark for the holidays

Around here, Toys for Tots just kicked off their annual drive. It's brought up every year how difficult it is to find donations for older kids. In the age of everything electronic and disposable, I'd like to propose something to you, Gentle Reader.

Give the gift of Art.

Despite spending most of the time living paycheck to paycheck, I've tried for the last ten years or so to get at least one gift into a donation box. What I prefer to do is to give a sketchbook, pastels, pencils, etc. Art supplies tend to get overlooked in the world of gift-giving, but I know there are kids out there who spend days doodling on notebook paper, wearing their Crayolas down to nubs. Now throw a set of watercolors, or some canvas boards, or paint pens, etc. into the mix, and see how that creative universe expands. It may be just the spark a child needs for hope or inspiration.

Want to make your Toys for Tots (or similar organization) donation even more special? Buy your gift of art supplies from a local business, and in one step you've helped your community two different ways.

'Tis the season, y'all.